• visión empresarial

    business vision

    Acquire a global business vision.
  • Administration and finance

    Administration and finance

    Acquire administrative and financial knowledge.
  • analysis and decision making

    analysis and decision making

    Develops the capacity for analysis and decision making.
  • Applied knowledge

    Applied knowledge

    Apply your academic knowledge in a practical dynamic.
  • Business without Risks

    Business without Risks

    Test your business initiatives without risk.
Business without Risks

    BS-Skills Free

    The best online business simulator
    Test your business skills.

What is a business simulator?

It is the most advanced learning method where the interaction of all administrative areas of an organization are reproduced.
All participants experience real life situations and are able to make decisions wheter in the right direction or not. The learning process applies to both directions.

Our proven methodology, now available on line as well, provides educational institutions and enterprises an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in the decision making process.


Includes all relevant factors that influence management in any organization. It also identifies real factors that become essential in the learning process.


The simulator contains corresponding tests to measure learning abilities of students. Advancing in skills is key to the exercise.

Analysis and Reports

Detailed performance reports allow facilitators and students both, the evaluation of decisions undertaken by paricipants and result comparison.


All participants compete with themselves and not with the system. Their decisions are entwined among the participating teams making it easier to compare results.

Web compatibility

It is compatible with lap tops and tablets.

Multiple participation

The program admits as many participants as desired; this makes it more dynamic and competitive.

100% Online

The entire experience relies on the web. No additional installation is necessary and no transportation of personnel is required.


It allows the handling of essential tools without difficulty, it is basically a self learning oriented device.

Obtainable Results:

  • Raises productivity in the company since resources will be managed efficiently.
  • A positive financial impact in the betterment of resorce allocation
  • Promotes a healthier relationship within management areas.
  • Decisions become more in line with the strategy of the company.
  • It aids in the understanding of proper use of resources, therefore creating substantial benefits to all personnel.

Our Performance and Experience

Productivity increased %96
Techniques taught by us raised resource allocation %92
Betterment in corporate strategy %90
Improvement in use of resources %97

Our success with the Simulator

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Entrepreneurial accomplishments
Cases of proven success

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