Entrepreneurial Program

Instruction that aggregates value to the results of companies.

Learning trough the experience.

Aprendizaje Experiencial

The simulator BS-SKILLS is in itself an experience in learning that adapts all daily activities of corporate life to the exercise.
All participants are faced with the problems and solutions of daily corporate life All results of their decisions are shown immediately.
The learning process is at the same time dynamic, practical and amusing.

Our methodology aids to identify talent with potential growth. It is useful in career planning. It is an essential tool to keep key personnel in the organization.

Multiplying Skills

The BS-Skills simulator allows participants to develop managerial skills and at the same time provides knowledge.
During the simulation all participants understand the enterprise as a whole.
A competitive environment is created to stimulate participants to develop strategy.

Recruitment and Selection

The BS-SKILLS simulator helps in the recruitment and personnel selection by providing the simulator to candidates for key responsibilities.
It is through the game and the competition that candidates offer their aptitudes and special skills.
Our method helps to identify better human talent shortening the path to the hiring of the best .

Reclutamiento y Selección
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